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It’s far from my # 1 request … some even say they’re outdated.

When you look up “clipboard” online … all of the articles are about copying & pasting. There’s a desire for a clipboard to be on smartphones. Everybody’s talking about how to use your clipboard.

But no one is asking how much paper they can hold.

In this case, the rated capacity is 1″.

I certainly don’t know how to use it with your smartphone, though.

Posted February 24, 2016 by henrymowry in Woodworking

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  1. Wow – LOVE that! Back in the day when I used one frequently I’d’ve been stylin’ for sure!! If I can think of a good reason to have one again, i’ll buy one!!!

  2. Beautiful — the wood and the workmanship!!!

  3. Thanks, guys. I am enjoying making these; hopefully I’ll have time to make a few more before July – it was at a July 4 event last year that I had 2 people ask if I make clipboards. This year, I want to be able to say yes! And, since I have 10x more clips to install….

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