Cutting Boards, Small Boards … And A Couple Of Lazy Susans   1 comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeTime was short, so I opened the cabinet and found 6 boards waiting for me to have time to finish … and there was no time like NOW!

I added several more glue-ups to this quick production run before the next event, and got to work. The result: 6 medium-sized, edge grain cutting boards, 3 small boards and 2 Lazy Susans. A couple of custom orders snuck in around the edges as well, but that’s a story for another day.

Several of these boards proved to have some remarkable Purpleheart in them. This Purpleheart was – luckily – cut just right, so that the wood flouresces. That’s very unusual for Purpleheart! Given how popular that wood is with so many people, I don’t expect those boards to stay with me for very long.

Today we’ll be at the Simi Valley Street Fair, so come see us if you’re out and about in SoCal!

Next week I’ll be at the California Strawberry Festival with Little Girl while Mrs M “works” at her “job.” I’ve been promised that the younger Mrs M will make a surprise appearance at the Strawberry Festival … just so she can have another glass of the Strawberry beer that she liked so much last year.

That’s fine by me. I get more time with my Granddaughters!

Here are this week’s new boards:


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  1. Beautiful as always! Enjoy your day! Wishing you success!

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