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As I contemplated what I needed to build for our fall events, it should surprise no one that chess boards are on the list.

High on the list.

After all, it’s my # 1 most requested item. It’s a wonder I don’t make more of them … and that begged the question. Exactly how many chess boards have I made?

The easy answer: not enough.

The complete answer is I’m averaging about 5 chess boards each year. No wonder people are clamoring for more: I’m just not making enough.

In an effort to fix that problem, I’ve (finally) completed 8 chess boards for our December events. I’ve never had this many chess boards before!

All of these chess boards are unique: it’s what I do. They have a contrasting wooden keyline surrounding the tournament-quality 2″ playing squares.

Rubber feet complete the chess boards. All that’s missing, of course, are the playing pieces, and those will be supplied by the new owners of these boards.

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