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I remember the night very well.  We were celebrating summer in our back yard, and the party was rocking.  The pizza oven had been hot as blazes (literally), and I needed a cool drink.  Alley brought me a Cadillac Margarita that she’d mixed up … and I was in heaven.

Unfortunately, she’s never been able to re-make that wonderful drink, which is why I’ve encouraged the family to search for the perfect margarita!  Most people seem to think that a Cadillac Margarita is the best of the best, so that’s what we’re going to create:  the ultimate Cadillac Margarita.

I googled the key words in various combinations, consulted Velda’s drink recipes, and have found that there’s no easy path.  You can find bloggers that talk about favorite drinks at favorite restaurants … you can find countless recipes as well.  But is there someone out there that’s actually compared ingredients and recipes head to head?  Not so much.

I found a 2009 post on The Goodist, but it was a fragment of an idea that was never taken to fulfillment.  Over the next several weeks, we’re going to fulfill the promise of an ultimate Cadillac Margarita.  The ingredients will be top notch, and the results will be worthy of your sampling.  Note that I expect to find several “best” results … the best on the rocks, the best blended, the best (affordable) party drink, etc.  Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Investigate different tequilas, and have a blind taste test.
  • Identify the best Margarita Mix recipe.
  • Develop different presentations and recipes for the best tequilas.
  • Identify the best liqueur to use:  Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Triple Sec….

As you can see, there are many steps on the path … but just as they say about the road to Hana, it’s all about the journey!

By the way, I’ve trolled around some tequila websites, and have found a couple of fun facts:

The Margarita is a relatively young drink.  The origin is in dispute, but Wikipedia believes the drink was crafted after prohibition in honor of a Margarita.  Or a Peggy.  Or maybe a Daisy.  Good reading, and you’ll find the International Bartender Association’s recipe here.

The Margarita is the most popular tequila drink in America, and is of course served in Mexico as well.  According to a tequila blog I read, however, Margaritas are sometimes viewed as “girly drinks” south of the border.  Men drink their tequila straight, apparently, or perhaps with a sangrita back, as it’s often served.

Serious business, yes?  And just to show you how serious….

15 tequilas enter the initial competition to be named the best tequila for the best margarita!

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