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If you’ve followed my adventures in sawdust, you know the dirtiest job in the shop is changing the bag in the dust collector.

No more.

I spent New Year’s Day reaching a new level of dirt. I uninstalled my dust collector, including the pipes, connectors and hoses that had been in the air for 10 years. And they were covered in dust.

And that’s not to mention that to actually get to all of the pipes, I had to move every tool in the shop out into the driveway. It looked like a really interesting garage sale … but it was not a clean one.

Then I had to move the sawdust out of the garage. I swept. I stepped up and blew it with my air compressor. That’s when I realized that to really to the job, I needed more power.

More. Power.

225 MPH. 450 CFM. I unleashed the dogs of war on my dirt problem … with my leaf blower. Then I swept. And then I did it again. Then I swept. And then I did it again. Get the picture?

Why am I so focused on cleaning out the garage woodshop? My Mrs M finally had enough of my imitation of Pigpen whenever I went into the house, so she approved my purchase of an upgraded dust collection system. I’m going from a 110v, horse-and-a-half hobbyist unit to a 3 horse, 250v unit that’s requiring a crew of 3 tomorrow just to install it.

We’re getting serious about cleaning my air. The dust collector has a HEPA rated filter, just as my new random orbital sanders do.

So, the woodshop is as clean as it gets. 8 boxes of dust collector and 8 boxes and a Jeep load of ducting and hoses (hosiery?) are awaiting the skilled ministrations of the building inspector, the engineer, and your humble scribe. Tomorrow promises to be a great day; I’ve been planning for this day for months!

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  1. Happy New Year! Happy Cleaner Work Space!

  2. Hope all goes well tomorrow – dare I say have fun playing with the hosiery?? grins g

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