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  1. Get back to running walking again. Man does not live by cutting boards alone.
  2. Do fewer events for Mrs M. Eliminate the small events, and do bigger ones. Eliminate triple bookings, and almost all of the double bookings. Less is more if you get smarter at doing what you do.
  3. Note to self: get smarter.
  4. Watch more Dodger games, even if they are not available on 70% of LA’s TV sets.
  5. Figure out something cool to do July 13-15 of this year. Not sure what that will be, but the celebration needs to be more than a really good blog post.
  6. Do a really good blog post.
  7. Get Mrs M’s website working as a retail site before the boss of me decides to fire me.
  8. Blow out the garage woodshop. And I mean, really blow it out. With a blower. Get the dust out, and don’t let it get this bad again (the new & much better dust collector and random orbital sanders make that possible).
  9. Stop thinking about new products to come out of the woodshop, and get them done. Coming in 2016 (and these are just the ones I’m committed to NOW):
    1. Routed Bowls in many sizes
    2. Wine Bottle Holder
    3. Wine Bottle Server
    4. Wine Bottle Picnic Table
    5. Mission Candle Holders
    6. New Baby Block
    7. Stacking Toy
  10. Make other things for the family.
  11. Get on top of the landscaping thing. Get rid of the plants you’ve wanted to get rid of for many years. Just one weekend a month….
  12. Get the spa working again. And spa. Get the waterfall working again. And, uh, flow.
  13. Take more pictures that aren’t new cutting boards. Man does not live by cutting boards alone.

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  1. These are wonderful goals. Especially walking and organization. I need to do that, too.

  2. Rotsa ruck – but you gotta have goals!!! hugs g

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