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I started making cheese boards, and I’m still making them. This week, I made a lot of them … 42 in all.

They are my biggest selling item, and I finally went “all in” to make a bunch. A big bunch!

But that’s OK. The world’s full of cheese, and someone’s got to eat it … I’m just doing my small part.

My problem is, every time I finish a board, I fall in love with it. Since I’ve got a relationship with the board (woodworkers are an odd lot, I know), I want the prices to keep going up … but I make myself keep cheese boards at $35 and $40. It was at an event last year that I was told that the cheese boards at $35 were “at the perfect price.” That customer then bought 5 boards.

Well, OK, then. The marketplace has spoken!


How To Fill Your Cheese Board


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