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MrsMowryIn no particular order…

SMNTY logoStuff Mom Never Told You (SMNTY): This podcast, hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, is a women-focused show that I credit with introducing me to feminism. These ladies tackle women’s issues in a very approachable way and aren’t afraid to tackle the biggest taboo topics. This week the ladies focused on our society’s obsession with baby bumps and how we’ve deemed pregnant women the opposite of sexual. This show is a fascinating listen that really opened my eyes to some of the amazing women in the world.

CYG logoCall Your Girlfriend: Hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, is a show for “long distance besties.” Coincidentally, I was introduced to this show by my soon-to-be long distance bestie and listened to all 24 episodes in two weeks. These women are intelligent, hilarious, and also love to talk about modern women’s issues. Each week they start with agenda that covers a variety of topics from politics to Beyonce, Menstruation¬†News and beyond. In a recent episode these ladies begged journalists to stop reporting on Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe, as this is not something essential to any of her potential policy-making. A great listen for all the baby feminists out there or even just devout T. Swift fans.

nerdist logoThe Nerdist: Hosted by Chris Hardwick. I absolutely adore this show. Chris hosts a variety of guests with whom he sits down for simple conversations. No scripts, no direction, just a lovely chat. He has a way of getting celebs to open up to him and I find myself surprised when the hour is over. Every time I listen to a new guest I’m always dying to see the show they’re promoting and I’m usually not wrong. Recently Billy Crystal visited Chris and spent the hour telling amazing stories from his experiences as a comedian. You’ll hear actors, producers, cartoonists, casting agents, technology gurus, comedians, you name it! You don’t even need to be a nerd to enjoy listening to the show!

freakonomics logoFreakonomics: Hosted by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. I haven’t listened to every episode of Freakonomics, but the episodes about our current education system are absolutely fascinating. These two economists, well a journalist and an economist, look at societal issues from a different angle. They aren’t afraid to make controversial claims and talk about issues without holding back. In my favorite episode, they talked about the state of tipping in our nation. Because we are a country that runs on tips, we are basically corrupt. Good service doesn’t guarantee a great tip and bad service doesn’t guarantee a bad tip…but what exactly does a ‘good tip’ even mean? To hear their argument stated in a much more eloquent way, give the show a listen.

ted talks logoTEDTalks: As an educator, I adore TED talks. The simple story is that a TED talk can be given by any knowledgeable person on any topic. These 20-ish minute presentations are designed to make a person think, or to wonder. To question the status of things or marvel in the current technology we use every day. My favorite TED talk was given by Rita Pierson, titled “Every Kid Needs a Champion.” Her positive attitude and incredible kindness are just mind blowing. I can’t say more, just watch it. She is a gift to education and greatly missed


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