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MrsMowryIn January I hit a huge milestone. A bucket list item, if you will.

My husband, roommate and I flew to Florida to run the Disney World Marathon. The trip was a dream. We spent a week in Orlando playing at Harry Potter World, the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. We ate every piece of food we saw and tried to drink around the world (we stopped in Germany).

And for some reason, we decided that every vacation should end with a 26.2 mile run…right? Well, here are 17 thoughts (a little late, I know) I had while running my first marathon.


In the hotel:

1. Next time I decide to do something that involves waking up at 2am, I need to remind myself not to.

2. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually want to eat before a race. Doubt it.

At the starting line:

3. How is Florida so cold?!? Isn’t this a tropical state?

4. Star Spangled Banner time…don’t mind the crying girl.

5. The race is starting. The race is starting. The race is starting. Pace yourself. Pace yourself. Pace yourself.

Running with the pacer:

6. Six miles already! This is going to be a breeze. OH WAIT THE CASTLE IS RIGHT THERE. THERE ARE PRINCESSES IN THERE.

7. Why did I think that?! I am an idiot. Where is the pacer?! I lost her! There she is! I caught up! Why did I run so fast. I think I might die.

Crossing the 13.1 marker:

8. I’m only half way done. Oh. My. God. Why did I commit to this? Why on earth did I decide this was a good idea?? (Cue emotional breakdown.)

9. I wonder where Roommate is. Maybe I’ll see him! (Nope. Never did.) I mean, how many people are running in Mickey Mouse boxers? Hmmm…kind of a lot, actually.

Mile 16:

10. I still have 10 miles left. That’s double digits. I really, really don’t want to run any more. (Mrs. Mowry has hit the proverbial wall. Cue emotional breakdown #2.)

Mile 17-19:

11. If we have to run one more step in the World of ESPN I am going to scream.

Mile 20:


Mile 23:

13. Rain?!? Are you effing kidding me!?!? (Cue strange blink attack as the salt in my hair ran into my eyes.)

Mile 25:

14. (I’m trudging along at this point, until a park employee calls out my name.) “Brianna! You’re almost there! You got this!” Maybe I AM almost there! Maybe I do “got this!”

Mile 26.16:

15. Where is that stupid finish line? It better be right here. I want to be done. Please let it be here. Please please please. (Turns corner, see finish line ahead.) IT’S RIGHT THERE!! DEAR SWEET JESUS! (Cue emotional breakdown #3.)

Finish Line:

16. I AM THE MOST AMAZING PERSON IN THE WORLD! LOOK AT MY FANCY MEDAL! LOOK AT MY FABULOUS ACCOMPLISHMENT! Oh man, I think I might puke. Am I going to puke? Maybe I should walk around a little bit. Or drink some Gatorade. Is that Roommate? ROOMMATE! (Continue celebration.)

Holding pen, waiting for Husband…still raining:

17. How hard can a person shiver, really? (Furiously checking runner update on cell phone.) IT SAYS HE CROSSED! Where is he?! Why can’t I see him!? HE’S THERE!!! WE DID IT!!! (Cue final emotional breakdown and incoherent yelling. Three entrants, three finishers, three PRs. Life is good.)

Best. Vacation. Ever.


My First Marathon

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