Cheese Boards … Or What Do You Think They Are?   2 comments

Handcrafted ByI freaked out last weekend after selling several cheese boards … and I had to make more for our next big event.

Well, I call them cheese boards. You may think they’re perfect cutting boards for your small kitchen, RV, for cutting a sandwich, or whatever. To each his own. I’ll keep making them as long as people like them!

Today, Mrs. M’s Handmade is at the Thousand Oaks Street Fair. Come see us … and you’ll get to see these boards, up close and personal.

I’m working with some new woods here … and trying some new techniques in the shop, too. Please share your thoughts; would love to hear what you think of these new boards.


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Cheese Boards That Think That They Are Cutting Boards

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2 responses to “Cheese Boards … Or What Do You Think They Are?

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  1. I call them fabulous!!!!!

  2. Love the black walnut – but I always have, one of my favorite woods! the ones w/ the bright yellows are lovely too – but heck, they’re ALL gorgeous!!!

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