How Wolves Change Rivers   12 comments

This is a great video about the Yellowstone National Park … if it’s true.


Great video, though, give it a watch. Then, read the contrary opinion, from the March 14, 2014 edition of the New York Times: Is The Wolf A Real American Hero?

12 responses to “How Wolves Change Rivers

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  1. I like the video, even if it is a little over the top. When my family visited Yellowstone this summer we attended a ranger talk about the wolves and it was, of course, similar to this, but one point that the ranger made was how unnecessarily feared wolves are. They carry a lot of fairy tale baggage with them when the truth is they pose little to no real danger to humans, particularly within a reasonably well-balanced ecosystem. And I guess I don’t really understand the point of the New York Times article. The author’s not suggesting that the reintroduction of wolves was a bad thing to do, or even the wrong thing to do. Does he really believe that by putting the Yellowstone wolves on a pedestal they may not entirely deserve, it will erode the public’s faith in scientists to report the objective truth? Frankly, I think that battle was lost, what, maybe centuries ago. Seems like more burden than I want to place on the wolves.

    • Well said, Sarah. I believe the video does stretch credibility just a bit … it cites forest recovery rates and the alteration of a river course that happen a bit too fast in geologic time for a single cause lake the addition of A FEW wolves. IMHO. Pretty infotainment, though, and I’m certain that the re-introduction of a missing species is generally a good thing.

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