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Graham Street Fair Parade, 2015, Part 1   3 comments

This is part 1 of my pictures of this year’s Graham Street Fair parade.

The event took place on Saturday, 8/29/15, with my mother, Letha Shull Mowry, as the Grand Marshall. She led the parade, of course, so let’s get started!


My Mother, Who Is Grand

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The Moonwalking Marching Band   2 comments

Ohio State did a tribute to Michael Jackson on the 25th anniversary of the Bad album.

The full show is on the link below, but this .gif shows a spectacular highlight. Watch the video to see the moonwalking tribute come together at normal speed, at 4:00 of the video. The moonwalking starts at 4:44.

Ohio State's Moonwalking Marching Band!

Ohio State’s Moonwalking Marching Band!

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