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Daylily is the general non-scientific name of the genus Hemerocallis … and there’s a wide variety of cultivars that have been developed. It’s a perennial, and the name refers to the flowers that typically last no more than 24 hours. Most of the species open in the early morning and wither that night … often with another flower opening the next day on the same scape, or flower stalk. There are some night bloomers, but we’ve got day bloomers.

I really don’t know why Velda hates daylilies. It’s unfortunate, since when we had our landscaping done several years ago, we had a bunch planted. Tons of ’em.

Two dozen by the driveway alone. They must have been on sale.

So perhaps it’s just because we’re awash in the things. And, maybe, it’s because they have long gangly green stalks that produce some very showy flowers … that sometimes only last a day or two. Hardly worth the effort. Especially when they are everywhere.

But will she let me take them out? No, she likes to suffer.

Good enough for me.  Here you go: suffer.


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  1. My father loved these and grew them all over our property (in Texas). I never knew why he loved them so, until I went to Missouri and Iowa where they grow wild. He was revisiting his youth in Iowa, which makes me
    love them more. Seeing them makes me think of Daddy! Thanks

  2. Yin to Yang

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