Another Aunt, Another Bad Lawn   2 comments

Morgan Family Home

Here we have a picture of another part of my family, and another rather interesting lawn.  The photo is circa 1905, taken near Graham, MO.

The matriarch of the family, front and center, is Lucy Farrow Morgan, who would be my Great Great Great Aunt, AKA Great Great Grandaunt.

Also identified is the man sitting on the left, her son-in-law Philip Daise.  I’ll assume that he’s using the lawn ornament as a hat rack, though I have no idea what that is or how it’s working.  His wife, Mary Alma Morgan Daise, is sitting center left.

And this lovely family doesn’t seem to care that their “lawn” is rather tall.  Perhaps my ancestors are trying to tell me something….

Morgan Family Yard, Up Close

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