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Little Girl, back when she was a Little Girl.

Little Girl, back when she was a Little Girl.

Little Girl said something important today.

Little Girl isn’t so little these days … she’s home from college now, and working at a day care business here in Santa Clarita. She’s now in charge of the kindergarten; a promotion she recently earned. My Little Girl is doing very well these days.

Her kindergarteners don’t call her Little Girl, but I do. And I always will.

In her room at the day care, she decorates the walls with a variety of stuff.  She’s got a “me display” that includes pictures of her family. There’s a picture of her niece, Payton, among others.

Little Girl relayed a conversation she had with a kindergartener in her charge, and it brought a smile to my face. Twice.

Kindergartener: Who’s that?

My Little Girl: That’s my boyfriend, Eric.

Kindergartener: You’re not married?

My Little Girl: No, we’re not married.

Kindergartener: But you have a baby? You can’t have a baby if you’re not married.

My Little Girl: No, that’s not my baby. That’s Payton, she’s my niece. She’s my brother’s baby.

Kindergartener: Oh…. You have a brother?

My Little Girl: I have two brothers and two sisters.

Kindergartener: You have two brothers and two sisters?!!??

My Little Girl: Well, my two brothers are both married. And their wives are my sisters-in-law. They are my sisters.

Kindergartener: Ohhhhhh.

OK, so I love this Kindergartener. Can’t have a baby if you’re not married? Love it.

The big idea here, though, is Little Girl describing her relationship with her sisters-in-law. They are sisters.

They were all 3 in the weddings for the 2 that are married, and I’m sure that Lauren will have her sisters in her wedding (whenever that might happen).

Sisters. Family.

Isn’t that the way that it should be?


Here’s Little Girl … the blonde! … and her two sisters. That’s the very important mother of my Granddaughter on the left, and MrsMowry on the right. 2006.

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  1. Sooo funny story… I had relayed this to my mom and thought it was great of that kindergartener too…thank god kids are still taught the right order of things 😀

    And yes, both things are how it should be… loved this 🙂

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