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Clipping Right Along   Leave a comment

The truth of the matter is I like making clipboards.

That’s much to the chagrin of Mrs M, who just doesn’t get it. She works in a paperless office. A virtual world. You could argue that it’s a fantasy world of her own making, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Some people, however, still use real paper to write real words with a real pencil. Or pen. And those people seem to love my clipboards.

After receiving an order for three, I finally got enough shop time to make this batch of 9. One of those is notepad size, and the rest are letter size. All have 1/2″ clips.

With this batch, I’m using a polyurethane finish. Since these boards don’t need to be food ready … they aren’t.

Innovation, on a clip board.

I find that satisfying, so I’m going to keep making these!

Clipboard   3 comments

It’s far from my # 1 request … some even say they’re outdated.

When you look up “clipboard” online … all of the articles are about copying & pasting. There’s a desire for a clipboard to be on smartphones. Everybody’s talking about how to use your clipboard.

But no one is asking how much paper they can hold.

In this case, the rated capacity is 1″.

I certainly don’t know how to use it with your smartphone, though.

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