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Redwood National & State Parks   6 comments

It’s not like you to go the Redwood National Park, drive through the entrance, and you’re there. It’s not like that. It’s most like the road to Hanna … which is a wonderful thing. If you haven’t seen that post, take a moment and ride along with me … it’s about the journey.

The north coast of California is a large forest of coast redwoods. There’s a hopscotch of national and state parks that are jointly managed spread around a 50-mile stretch of highway … and you get to explore the parks to your heart’s content. Don’t be concerned with whether you’re in a state or national park … no one cares. It is pretty, and enjoy every second.


Lady Bird Johnson Grove

Lady Bird Johnson Grove   9 comments

This short loop hike is a signature trail in the Redwood National Park. Do not miss this!

The Grove was dedicated to Lady Bird Johnson on August 27, 1969, by President Richard Nixon. The plaque unveiled at the event says:

In recognition of her devoted service

to the cause of preserving and enhancing

America’s natural beauty for the enjoyment

of all the people.