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Want A Handy Handle?   Leave a comment

I call them Sous Chef Boards, because I think they are for your assistant in the kitchen, or Sous Chef.

That’s how it’s worked in our home, anyway.

However, I do know that cooks want more than one cutting board in their kitchen. Some boards are supposed to be pretty, some are supposed to be sized “just right,” and some are supposed to be easy to move around.

That means you need a handle. I believe.

So, Sous Chef Boards were born. These are the large variety, with about an 8″ x 11″ workspace – 2 sided – as well as a 10″ handle with a convenient hole to hang the board, if you’re so inclined.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but these have proven to be popular offerings from the Wood shop. This batch is special: they were cut out on the CNC. This is the first time I’ve had a vector file cut these out. There are 2 sizes as I worked through the possibility … and found the right size.

Uniquely Shaped Boards   1 comment

All boards are shaped, of course, but some have unusual ones.

Two of these boards are brand new ideas. One is the California bear, which shows a walking bear in the style of the bear on the California state flag. The second is the result of me finding a unique piece of quilted Black Walnut, and the perfect use of that wood was as an oval serving piece with a canted edge. That board sold on the first day it was shown.


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