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Coasters Are Back!   Leave a comment

2020 has been an adventure so far, have you noticed?

Making these coasters, I embraced the chaos. Not one set of them is symmetrical. That’s very unusual for me.

Like 2020.

So, you can get chaotic sets of 4 similar coasters … or you can go for it, and get 4 coasters, all with different designs, that just belong together. You get to choose!

I launched the new & improved yesterday, and have been very encouraged by the compliments and, frankly, the sales generated. You can now buy directly from the website, and these coasters are available there.

2 special offers are happening through the end of May: free shipping for any order over $50, and a first-ever promo code that gives you 20% off of your purchase. Just enter “MrMsLaunch” as you check out. Both of these offers expire on 5/31 … and I promise I won’t offer the 20% off site-wide discount again.

If you would like to go directly to the page with these coasters, here’s your link. Enjoy!

The Coasters   Leave a comment

This one appears to be working.

I started making coasters at the end of last year, and sold a few immediately. Then I went to Fresno, and sold them all.

Funny, that.

Coasters are a bit of a pain to make, really. Lots of steps. Lots of sawdust (that’s the fun part). And, anytime you decide you’re going to make 80 of something, it’s a significant undertaking. Especially since, in addition to the 80 coasters, I also made 20 holders.

We’ve said it for years: go big or go home. And, apparently, I’m going big.

Because, this Saturday, I’m not at home. If you’re in need of some coasters, come see me at the Simi Valley Street Fair. It’s in a new location this year, on Simi Town Center Way.


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