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2020 has been an adventure so far, have you noticed?

Making these coasters, I embraced the chaos. Not one set of them is symmetrical. That’s very unusual for me.

Like 2020.

So, you can get chaotic sets of 4 similar coasters … or you can go for it, and get 4 coasters, all with different designs, that just belong together. You get to choose!

I launched the new & improved yesterday, and have been very encouraged by the compliments and, frankly, the sales generated. You can now buy directly from the website, and these coasters are available there.

2 special offers are happening through the end of May: free shipping for any order over $50, and a first-ever promo code that gives you 20% off of your purchase. Just enter “MrMsLaunch” as you check out. Both of these offers expire on 5/31 … and I promise I won’t offer the 20% off site-wide discount again.

If you would like to go directly to the page with these coasters, here’s your link. Enjoy!

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