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They’re Magic.

I demonstrate this to people at every show. I open a bottle, and show that the bottle cap is magically caught by the wood after the bottle is opened.

It’s Magic.

Some people ask if it’s a magnet. I say no. It’s Magic.

Some people say, “Oh. It’s a magnet.” I say no. It’s Magic.

I can be difficult at times. Ask Mrs M.

I further explain that some of these are doubly magic: they will stick to your receptive refrigerator. That’s a key concept, that the refrigerator must be receptive. Otherwise, the magic just … isn’t.

But with a receptive appliance, there’s no doubt that these are magic. I’ve been told that many beer drinkers will believe they’re magic no matter what, as long as they open beer bottles.

Which they do. Got to keep the drinkers happy, after all!


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