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Yesterday, I talked about the wood being important in the pieces … and the cowbell for my good health. Or something like that.

More cowbell.

I’m loving the new photo array that I’m using to shoot the new offerings for both Mrs M and myself these days. I bought a 30″ photo cube that’s a folding bit of white nylon – sort of like a folding windshield cover on steroids. Open it the wrong way, and it might take an eye out.

But spring that cube open, and you’ve got a great light diffuser to photograph shiny objects … like newly finished boards. I pair the cube with the 4 table top lights purchased to make the photographs perfect. The lamps all have a “daylight color temperature,” which means the light is the same collection of frequencies as daylight. The result of that is the most consistent & realistic photos I’ve been able to make of the boards, soaps & lotions that we’re obsessed with right now.

I love the realistic colors. I hope you do, too!


It’s About The Wood

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  2. Works very nicely!! Someday I’d like to know where you got your lights and photo cube but not yet – too much happening in my life right now!!!

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