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Mr Ms BrandWhen Mrs M’s Handmade went to its first craft fair – the now defunct Santa Clarita Street Fair – I brought along a number of cheese boards.

Today’s event (SCV Junction, at Hart Park in Santa Clarita), nearly a year later, will find me with these cheese boards on hand. Some things just don’t change!

You may have noticed that I’ve published about new boards for several days, and with this post, that cycle is at an end. I had about 60 boards in production in the shop, waiting on me to actually finish them. So I did.

This process is a part of my goal to create an inventory of 150 boards, and then relax. You see, last fall was entirely too tense for me, with boards selling almost as quickly as I could make them. For months. That’s a good thing, make no mistake, but I hope to get a bit farther ahead of the curve this year. I’m not to 150 yet … but with my production over the next few days, I just might be able to take 100 boards with me to our next big event in Kernville, CA: Whiskey Flats Days, 2/13 – 16. That’s the hope, anyway!

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