Things To Do When You’re Locked Out Of The House   7 comments

1. Check your pockets.

2. See if the door is actually locked.

3. Check your pockets again.

4. (swearing optional)

5. Decide to check the other doors and windows.

6. Rejoice when you find a single downstairs window unlocked.

7. Find tools to remove screen from unlocked window (revel in the discovery of a shovel and long BBQ tongs).

8. Insert shovel and pry screen off.

9. Discover the little flippy thing is out, which means the unlocked window will only open 2″.

10. (ed. note:  you know)

11. Compare the cost of breaking a window vs. the humiliation of calling for help.

12. Check wallet. Decide to call for help.

13. Discover your Droid auto-updated overnight, and it now won’t work until you figure it out, log in and confirm some new settings.

14. (eye roll)

15. Call Little Girl to see if she can get you in the house.  She hangs up laughing hysterically.

16. Call MrsMowry to see if she can get you in the house.  Winner!  Sit on the bench and wait.

17. Finish updating the phone.

18. Consider how cold you’ll be in 30 minutes (I know, I know, but it was in the 50s today. Brrrrr.).

19. Walk around the house to see how bad the yard is.

20. Look for a place to hide a key.

21. Remember the last time you were locked out of the house (a hot tub was involved, and it was not my fault.  All I’m saying.).

22. Think about buying a hide-a-key.

23. Look for more places to hide a key.

24. Play games on the now-functional phone.

25. Put your hands in your pockets.  It’s probably in the low 50s.

26. Thank MrsMowry for helping you.  Watch as she steals a weird radish as compensation. It’s weird that it was in the fridge, it’s weird that she knew it was in the fridge, and it’s weird that she wanted it.  But you now have your keys.  Let it go.

27. Time passes.

28. MrsMowry spilled the beans to Mrs. Mowry. Weigh the advantages of getting even with MrsMowry against the possibility you’ll need her help again. Hmmmmm.

7 responses to “Things To Do When You’re Locked Out Of The House

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  1. ROFLOL!!! Especially #28

  2. MrsMowry needed the DAIKON radish to make more spring rolls–so when we blog them we’ll be good at it!

  3. Haha, it’s OK I would have spilled the beans too 😉

  4. Yup, weird radish. Radishes are intended for a veggie platter or a fresh garden salad. Radishes are red and smaller than a walnut. If a “radish” is none of those, then it’s a) weird and b) probably not something I should eat, being a traditionalist in all things.

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