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The Best of MowryJournal: 2014   2 comments

Ulysses S Grant, Official White House Portrait

Portraits: Ulysses S Grant

A few truths are clear about the most read posts of MowryJournal in the past year:

1. The series on Presidents found an audience … which still doesn’t include some of the members of my family. Just sayin’.

2. Velda’s recipes are three of the top posts … and alcohol is also the subject of three. Just sayin’.

3. After a steady devotion to exploring each of our 57 National Parks … only one makes the list of most read posts. It seems I have the same problem with readership that the Parks have with attendance, and we are the poorer for it, IMHO.

4. None of my woodworking posts make the list, though my post about the selection of cutting boards, with links to the science behind those choices, has made the list. Glad to help.

Here’s the list, and please, join the crowd and enjoy!

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

Portraits: Ulysses S Grant


Petrified Forest National Park

Portraits: John Adams

Portraits: Woodrow Wilson

Portraits: Theodore Roosevelt


Cutting Boards: What Kind Do You Want?

Cutting Boards: What Kind Do You Want?

Lincoln at Gettysburg

US Flag: Common Display Mistakes

Portraits: Richard Nixon

Velda’s Ahi Wraps

Cutting Boards: What Kind Do You Want?

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Smoked Paprika

Orange Liqueur Taste Test


US FLag: Common Display Mistakes

US FLag: Common Display Mistakes

The Best of MowryJournal: 2013

The Best of MowryJournal: 2012

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My Favorite Posts From 2014   2 comments

Here are my favorite posts from this year. Your mileage may vary, of course. But please, enjoy!

Staycation 60aBreaking The Silence

Ever Had A Day Like This?

Staycation: Day 6

Cutting Boards: What Kind Do You Want?

The Trouble With Success

Mrs. Fleming Taught Me Well

Yosemite National Park

Kalamata Olive Tapenade

Great Read: The Silkworm

2006. Half Dome from Glacier Point.

2006. Half Dome from Glacier Point.

Cutting Sideways = Curves

My Fathers And My Grandfathers

Lieutenant William Henry Mowry

Things I Learned At The Street Fair

What Are You?

The Zombie Apocalypse


Olive Tapenade 01My Favorite Posts From 2013

My Favorite Posts From Year 1   4 comments

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Thank you for your attention through what has been a very entertaining year … for me. Truly, thanks for your support, your comments, and your readership. I’m having fun, and believe you must be as well!

Here are my favorite posts of the last year. Some have been seen by practically no one. If you missed some of these, then bon appetit!

The game's made for tailgating, and in spite of Michael currently in the final year of getting his Master's from USC, the game HAD to be painted in UCLA colors.  Both Velda and Michael got there degrees from UCLA; once a Bruin, always a Bruin.  And if you know anything about this college rivalry in Southern California, you know this was a big deal!


An Actual Conversation


Digitizing Family Photos

Get Big Ones

Healthy Eating Is Not As Hard As It Seems

The Columns are all that's left of an Admin building that burnt in 1882, are set in the middle of Francis Quadrangle, AKA the Quad.

Sobbing On An Airplane

I Am An Eagle Scout

The Migration of Harry B Hepler

My President

The Perfect Sunset

With poncho held high, the Mist Falls trek proved to be one of the best parts of this great family vacation in Kings Canyon National Park.

Ultimate Family Event

Portraits: Abraham Lincoln

The Presidential Seal

Sobbing On An Airplane

Things To Do When You’re Locked Out Of The House

Ultimate Family Event

US Flag: The First

Velda’s Ahi Wraps

Ahi Wrap 20

Velda’s Ahi Wraps

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