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Here’s the question: can I take the boards from the router to the sander to hand sanding to finish application today? Tomorrow morning would then be the beeswax/mineral oil topcoat, and tomorrow afternoon would be installing the non-skid feet with stainless steel screws, wrapping and labeling. Tomorrow evening … load the cars, and avoid the trick-or-treaters.

And I’m pretty sure the random orbital sander will die today.

Oh, and I have to build the display units in my spare time.


Yesterday’s funk has left me, which is good. I’m through the wall. Now, it’s all about taking my productivity up a notch and getting to the finish line. (HA. I kill me.)

8:20a: in the shop. Time to process the final glue-ups from yesterday and get going with sanding.

10:07a: Done with smoothing on the planer now … but that took too long.


10:20a: Router table now set up for edge rounding.Staycation 53

11:02a: 440 edges now rounded. Time to route the handles … but oh NO, the dust collector is full. Time for my dust mask & the worst job in the shop. The result: a 500 ml bag & a 33 gallon bag of sawdust (and no, I have no idea why I’m mixing my measurement systems).

Here are the old filters from the dust mask ... this is the stuff I didn't breathe.

Here are the old filters from the dust mask … this is the stuff I didn’t breathe.

12:15p: 110 handles routed.

12:33p: lunch and errands. I need to restock the ice cream and diet coke. Man does not live by woodworking alone.

2:34p: back to the shop; time to begin sanding. Corners will be rounded, and I’ll clean up the routed edges as well. That’s 220 corners and 440 edges, by the way.

3:43p: Rounding done and coughing begins. Break needed.

4:10p: Sanding with the random orbital sander begins. I start with 80 grit.

5:17p: I may never finish (HA. I kill me.).

7:28p: done with 80 grit. Break.

7:46p: Begin with 120 grit. All the boards, all over again. And I’ll do this with 5 different grits. Why? Because the # 2 comment made about my boards (after “Oooh, pretty”) is “Oooh, smooth.”

8:56p: Done with 120 grit. I’m giving up … and no, I didn’t break the sander, and I didn’t make the finish line today. That will have to wait for another day.

Good thing I have another day.

Staycation: day 5 results:

  • 55 boards now sanded through 120 grit
  • 12 boards now on hold “for next time”
  • zero boards cut for the new display units

Forecast for day 6: a good chance of rain, so whatever I get done tomorrow gets done in the shop. And, I have NO ROOM.


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  1. Duh!!! I finally get “Staycation” Beautiful boards!!!! I must talk to you about how you do that!!! Steve

    Steven Harbstreit
  2. Damn, you are a machine! I wish I could be as productive as you in my spare time.

    • One could argue, since it’s my spare time, that I’m not being productive at all. I’m just playing in the shop! In any event, thanks for the kind words. I just wish my achy muscles would get with the program!

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  5. I’m gonna learn to use my spare time as effective as you are next Christmas holidays. Nice work anyway!

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