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Every significant accomplishment has one: that point at which you question what you’re doing. Is it worth it? Can you do it? Should you do it?

When I ran my first marathon, I hit the wall in the 20th mile.

On my staycation, I hit the wall on day 4.

1:41a: I decide I’m not thinking big enough. I must make more boards.

4:22a: The new display units are vexing me. I need to get those done and out of my head.

7:12a: I go to Home Depot to pick up epoxy, masking tape and boxes to put my finished boards in.

8:35a: in the shop.

9:32a: first glue-up done. I’m relaxing to JT. Life is good.

Staycation 44

10:16a: I’m done playing Jenga. I picked up the cutoffs that were “stored” in 7 places and placed them in this newfangled thing I bought: a container. Wow. Organization. What a concept. Now, it’s time to plane and cut to shape the new boards.

11:18a: the planer blades are done. I’ve got new blades waiting for this moment. Unplug the tool. Read the instructions conveniently on the back of the new blades. Unscrew 31 screws, replace the 3 blades, and then put it all back together.

11:50a: had to be done … but I don’t have time for this! But … the planer is now working, and the blades are so sharp, the boards are coming out like I have already sanded them smooth.

1:05p: I’m progressing, but not nearly fast enough. I was supposed to make serious progress on the two new display units today … but I’m just not feeling it. At all. To make the display units, I need to do another deep dive into the lumber pile. No motivation. So, lunch.

2:01p: back to the planer.

4:09p: 40 boards, now ready to finish. That’s great … but I’m not getting the display units done. I am not feeling it. At least I’m getting the boards ready for finishing tomorrow.Staycation 46

4:58p: second glue session almost done.

5:05p: gotta take a break. And a nap. I’m on staycation.

7:40p: back to the shop. Third glue session.

8:41p: lights out.

Staycation: day 4 results:

  • 9 more boards picked and processed
  • 59 boards now glued up
  • 67 total boards now in production

Staycation 45


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  1. Totally enjoy your blog, Henry. And I thought “Bugs” aka my silly cousin Velda made me cry laughing! How do I order one of your beautiful cutting boards &/or cheese/cracker trays? Joanie.

    • Hey, Lady! Nice to hear from you. Two ways that you can go. One is to look at my woodworking posts, and hover your mouse over the picture of the board you want. Email me that number, and I’ll see if I still have it. The other way is to call Velda and talk it out. Since I’m not allowed to call Velda an insect, I’m pretty sure that you should talk to her directly.

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