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Biz Card HolderThis weekend is Mrs M’s Handmade’s first event in a couple of months. The ladies have been working to develop some new formulations and new products … and I’ve been busy in the garage workshop, too.

One of today’s assignments: make business card holders for our new, uh, business cards.

Which brings us to today’s conversation.

He: I think the business card holders turned out well.

She: I really like them. I think you can sell them. How many did you make?

He: I made three. (editor’s note: there are 2 Mrs M’s and one Mr M, so there are three of us. Three.)

She: Three? You should have made more. I wanted one for my office.

He: You should have said something. I only made three.

She: You can make more. I want one for my office.

Sometimes, Labor Day is the gift that keeps giving.


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  1. I just KNOW that people will want one once they see them!

  2. Men can be VERY literal – even Henry!!!

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