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The Wall Street Journal reported on a study commissioned by GfK and the Interactive Advertising Bureau on how we spend our time online.

The study was commissioned to help sell advertising, so billions of dollars are riding on the accuracy of the information and how the advertising community uses it.

Online Time

Love that you support my blog … but isn’t it shocking to see that readers spend as much time reading blogs as they do online newspapers and online magazines … combined?

Please read the article from The Wall Street Journal, here.


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  1. Reblogged this on Erotixx and commented:
    interesting reading…

    • Yuppers. I think we’re all looking for good information … and having trusted (or, in my case, occasionally trusted) sources to curate information is something we all need. That used to be the local newspaper … but that’s just not true anymore.

  2. It’s probably telling that I read your post, but didn’t click the link to the Wall Street Journal article. I bet it’s an interesting one. Maybe I’ll get back to it later. Except I probably won’t. Good study!

    • And that’s another problem … I posted the graphic, and that’s a good 10 second summary of the article & study. There’s more to be learned if you read the J article, of course … but who has time? And that’s the one issue journalists must always face … being worthy of their reader’s time.

  3. Why would we want to read the actual news over reading people pontificating about stuff they don’t really know about? Personally nothing makes me feel more educated than the random ramblings of a politically biased conspiracy blogger. Though, to be fair, we know how online news papers work hard never to let political bias sneak into their writing. 😉

    • It’s true that bloggers are a little more raw with their opinions … maybe that’s why they’re read more than “professional” journalists. Real is better. Knowing the agenda is better than worrying about the hidden agenda. Great thoughts.

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