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Leaflets three, let it be!

Poison oak is often seen in shady patches along California trails, with the vine growing into the sunlight to catch unwary hikers. The leaves, stems and branches all carry the oil that is poisonous. Hypersensitive people can develop rashes just by being near the plant, though most have to touch it to develop the rash.

These photographs were taken at the Pinnacles National Park, near Paicines, CA. Note the “real” oak leaves on the ground providing mulch for these poison oak plants.

5 responses to “Poison Oak: Toxicodendron diversilobum

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  1. Thank you, Henry, for posting the pictures. It is good to see the many faces of Poison Oak. Someone pointed Poison Ivy out to me a week or so ago. I am committed to pay more attention where I’m going and what I’m touching. These pictures help!

    Christine Hepler
    • Wonderful! Poison oak isn’t hard to identify … you just have to be on the lookout. There’s one trail near my home that has the poisonous vines growing over the top of the trail … tall people have to be careful, or they’ll be brushing away stray leaves & come away with a painful memory.

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