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March MadnessPerhaps you heard … Warren Buffet’s Quicken Loans is willing to pay someone $1,000,000,000 dollars if they can perfectly predict the March Madness NCAA college basketball bracket.

That’s one billion dollars.

March Madness, of course, is the big tournament that ends the top division of the men’s college basketball season. It’s one of the biggest betting occasions of the sports year. Office pools abound … every sports publisher creates a bracket so you can predict who will win the tournament from among the 68 teams that enter the tournament.

Here’s my take: when the 4th richest guy in the world says he’s going to give you that much money … it probably isn’t going to happen. And that’s exactly what the odds tell us.

Nothing wrong with playing the game, of course!  After all, you just might win. On the other hand, in 30 years of March Madness on ESPN’s website, not one person has ever gotten every game right.

Seems like Mr. Buffet is betting a winning hand. But doesn’t he always?

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