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I’m disappointed that our tax dollars had to pay for this sign.

Last Saturday, all admissions to the National Parks and other national properties were FREE to celebrate National Public Lands Day.

Today, all admissions are impossible, as all national properties are closed due to the budget impasse.

OF COURSE it’s a game.

I’m disappointed in the Republicans, who refuse to allow Obamacare to move forward … after it passed.

I’m disappointed that this entire battle is apparently being fought over Obamacare … but that  implementation of that program began today, unimpeded by the government shutdown.

I’m disappointed in the Democrats, who refuse to accept any responsibility for the impasse. Don’t two people or, in this case, two parties, have to disagree to have an argument?

I’m disappointed in the President, who doesn’t feel this is his problem.

I’m disappointed in the President, who isn’t fulfilling his promise to work closely with both sides.

I’m disappointed that negotiation by terrorism is now the normal state of business in Washington. When you don’t agree with what the other side gets passed … you blow it up.

I’m disappointed in all of the state legislatures that approved their own state’s voting districts after the 2000 and then the 2010 census, making an ever-increasing number of US House seats unwinnable for the opposing party … meaning that the legislators have nothing to fear with ever more strident posturing.

I’m disappointed that all of the “furloughed” government workers won’t be paid for today … until they’re allowed to make it up later. The US public loses, either way.

I’m disappointed that people are on vacation, and suddenly not allowed to visit national properties. Trips planned for months … lost.

I’m disappointed that blaming the other side is more important than good governance.

I’m disappointed that historians are pointing to the legislative deadlock preceding the Civil War as the closest thing to the “dancing on the precipice” politicking that we are seeing today. And 152 years ago, that disagreement hurt everyone. Everyone.

I’m disappointed that I have no idea how to make it better.

I’m disappointed that I’ve lost my sense of humor about national politics.

I’m disappointed.


I’m disappointed that the US Department of the Interior tweeted this photo today, showing that Yellowstone National Park is closed.

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  1. This needs to get resolved immediately. I appreciate your article and points. At the end of the day, the working people from National Parks take the brunt, and of course all those that should be able to explore the parks

  2. Amen! My personal feelings are that when our Pres & congress don’t get a budget done or a debt ceiling set, they should be docked a full month’s pay for every week or partial week that they don’t get it done – maybe then they’d find a way to do it – but what do i know?

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