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A great tasting tequila, and with its undefeated record in taste tests so far, it's going to be hard to replace Don Celso Reposado in our Perfect Margaritas!

We need to complete our search for The Perfect Margarita. It’s pretty clear that with its undefeated record in taste tests so far, Don Celso Reposado Tequila is in. But we still need to tweak the recipe!

This blog began to scratch a creative itch … and to provide a platform to chronicle my search for the perfect margarita.

One year later, I’m not as itchy, but I’m not content, either. I haven’t perfected the margarita yet. Clearly, I’m not yet done!

Moving forward, here’s what I’m going to accomplish in the next year:

1. More Presidential Portraits. Since Velda doesn’t read them, I’ve got an opportunity for unfettered free expression. After 35 years of marriage, that’s a very rare thing I must exploit. (the only problem is I’ve run out of Presidents. Hmmmmmm.)

2. Since I’m out of Presidents, I need to identify more old, dead people to write about so Velda won’t read those posts, either. If you have suggestions of old, dead people that Velda won’t find interesting, please advise.

3. More posts about alcohol. Writers need alcohol to function, apparently. Maybe I can grow up to be Hemmingway if I do a series on rum.

4. Note to self: you need to learn to like rum. Haven’t really sought it out since that Colorado summer filled with Bacardi 151. And that was a long, long, long time ago. Thank goodness.

5. We need more posts with Velda’s recipes. MrsMowry’s too. It’s not that they are particularly popular (see yesterday’s list of the top posts, here). However, when we’re preparing a recipe blog post, that means the ladies are cooking so I can photograph the process. Which means excellent cooking in the home. And when the ladies are cooking, life is good. Usually.

6. In case you’re wondering if I cook, the answer is no, no I don’t. I did cook for a time while Velda was in grad school, but apparently my creations were not up to her standards. She still casts aspersions in my direction eleven years later, as do the kids. So, for the record, I will continue to not cook and I will continue to not blog about not cooking. You’re welcome.

Here’s to year 2!

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