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This is a lonely Angel’s Trumpet, genus Brugmansia. This prolific grower was devastated in its first year by a grasshopper attack that lasted all summer. New leaves continue to sprout, and the plague is gone.  This shot was taken today, November 18, so the plant is benefiting from LA’s long growing season.  Here’s to a better year to come!

Through the giant 10″ blossom, all you can see is the shadow of the new leaves struggling to feed the plant.

Posted November 21, 2012 by henrymowry in Photography

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  1. I absolutely love photographing the angel trumpet. Although one has to be vigilant and attentive in doing so since they last but one day! Also, thank you for your nice comment today.

  2. looks suspiciously like a cockleburr to me – but then I’m just a farm gal, what do i know? [I have moonflowers that have huge blooms – 9-10″ long – and yep, they have cockleburr seed pods too – but gee they’re lovely! grins g

    • Moon flowers are very similar, but their bloom is upright, while the Angel’s Trumpet faces down. It’s too heavy to face up! The Angel’s Trumpet bush can grow much bigger, too, although my poor plants only got about 3′ tall this year after the onslaught from the grasshoppers.

  3. One of our neighbors has a lovely Angel’s Trumpet in white. It is covered with beautiful blooms daily, and
    with the leaves turning and the stark white flowers it is such an enjoyable sight to see. We are in Texas, north of Houston about 70 miles, and the fall colors are so pretty right now. Your photography is superb!! Thank you for sharing. Happy Texan

    • Thanks much; it’s my pleasure to share. The Angel’s Trumpet fought all summer against the grasshoppers; I thought it very inspiring that it finally was able to produce a blossom. Gives me hope for the future!

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