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It was where we stored hay and the corn picker. Today, 40 years later, it’s barely standing. And the hay is gone.

Posted October 19, 2012 by henrymowry in Photography

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  1. Brings back lots of good memories! I enjoy all your beautiful pictures!!

  2. I know that barn! Too bad it is nearly gone but it has outlived it’s usefullness I guess.

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    Letha Marie Mowry
  3. Reminds me of home….

  4. its so interesting to see remnants of a generation that has seemed to all but have disappeared the question is what went wrong with this wonderful life style that once thrived

  5. Yes, and all the old “hay barns” that were used for loose hay or small bales no longer work for the big bales, which save so many man-hours and tired backs and arms – that old barn, and ours down the road a mile or so, were built when farmers used horses instead of tractors – when the horses were no longer used, the lower parts of the barns which were full of stalls were no longer useful in many cases [some were re-worked but not all] and the lofts for the loose hay or hay bales didn’t work for big bales so you had a large structure with nothing to use it for – our barn had a corn-crib for ear corn and granary rooms for shelled corn and oats plus a room for harness/saddles – the grain was for chickens and milk cows and saddle horses in my day – but when I left for college, the milk cows and chickens became history, because nobody else wanted to/could deal with them – times change, building needs change, now we need big sheds for tractors and combines, few have milk cows or chickens, cattle operations use silos – so the old barns gradulally fall down and into history! and that old barn – which I believe is mostly walnut or so i’ve been told – is sliding into history too!

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