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Things I Learned Watching The Superbowl   3 comments

  1. I was working in the garage woodshop Sunday afternoon, working to finish the soap drying rack. At 2:30p, it got creepy quiet … apparently EVERYONE was somewhere other than driving or walking on my street. I mean, it was totally quiet! But then there was a dog walker, calling her Mom & apologizing that she was late because she was still walking Bailey. Who must have been the dog. After Bailey went home, I did not see one other person outside before I buttoned up the garage woodshop & went to prepare to watch the Superbowl … on my DVR. Of course.
  2. Lady-Gaga-Red-Gucci-Suit-Super-BowlI don’t like red sparkly eye shadow. Lady Gaga did a fine job singing the national anthem. I didn’t love her makeup, though. Too much product in her hair and her eye shadow was, uh, odd. But then, she is Lady Gaga.
  3. I must be old.
  4. I have never been a fan of Cam Newton. His father apparently didn’t sell him to Auburn (perhaps he just failed at selling him to Mississippi State). In any event, whatever the situation and whatever happened, I wasn’t a fan. I didn’t follow his career, and I didn’t know what a great year he’s had leading the Carolina Panthers. Wow. And he’s 6′-5″? I had no idea. No wonder they were favored to win.
  5. Instant replay may not have gotten the call right according to their announcers. The Panthers challenged the call, and the CBS expert chimed in & said it was def def definitely a catch … and then the NFL said it was not a catch. CBS was caught flat-footed, and never explained what might have happened. In general, I’m not a fan of this broadcast team and today was no exception.
  6. Defensive struggles are great games … but not outrageous spectacles. I wonder if people are enjoying the game at all, or is it just about the commercials today?
  7. DoritosOne of my favorite commercials was the Doritos commercial, showing a mother having a sonogram, and the baby reacting to the Doritos that dad was eating. I later learned that this commercial was seen by some as anti-choice, as it humanized a fetus, which would be anathema to pro-choice enthusiasts. And I just thought it was a cute commercial.
  8. BeyoncĂ© led a racist halftime show, screamed headlines from the other side of the political spectrum. I read that her dance chorus wore Black Panther uniforms (and I’m pretty certain the Black Panthers didn’t wear uniforms. Just sayin’.) Apparently, the problem is that she’s actually pro-Black Lives Matter and elements of her performance were an homage to the Black Panthers. Since she has a political stance, allowing her to sing her non-political song with a bunch of dancers wearing black costumes and black berets was politicizing what was otherwise a boring halftime show. Be clear, I’m not a fan, but I didn’t find her performance offensive. Maybe I’m just too old or too white to understand, but I don’t care what she thought it meant: I care what I saw, and what I felt. I was not entertained (at all), but I was not offended. As always, your mileage may vary, of course.
  9. I think people need to take a minute (as the song Bruno Mars performed does suggest, after all), and allow that political views are not expressed by a dancing chorus clad in black spandex, nor are they expressed by the animation of a baby reaching for a tortilla chip. IMHO.
  10. the-good-wifeWorst moment of the game: learning that The Good Wife only has 9 more episodes, and will end at the end of this season. The best show on television is going away? I am very, very, very upset.
  11. Where were the Clydesdales? Where were the wonderful Budweiser commercials? The Bud Light commercials were OK, but meh. The one Budweiser commercial with Helen Mira was good, but she’s no big horse playing with a puppy. Obviously.
  12. Still don’t like sparkly eye shadow. Mrs Bowlen did nothing to impress me as she accepted the Lombardi trophy. Coordinating her makeup with Lady Gaga was not a good choice, either.
  13. I liked that the Broncos won, and gave the NFL’s Winningest Quarterback Ever! the opportunity to retire a champion. Peyton Manning is a true student of the game, and he is a great representative for football (who wants to drink Budweiser!). Cam Newton didn’t handle losing very well, but his career is at the beginning. He should have better days ahead of him.


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The Wardrobe Malfunction   1 comment

Jackson, JanetIt was 10 years ago, and it changed The Game forever.

It only lasted 9/16 of a second, but in an era before Facebook (!) and before DVRs were standard fare in American homes, what became known as The Wardrobe Malfunction became the most watched and re-watched event in the history of TiVo.

35,000 more people signed up for TiVo immediately after The Game.

Justin Timberlake actually coined the term, “Wardrobe Malfunction,” which just missed becoming the word of the year, according to the American Dialect Society (they wisely chose red state, blue state instead).

Superbowl XXXVIII was on CBS that year, and the NFL had hired MTV to stage the halftime show. During the show, Justin Timberlake sang Rock Your Body from his first solo album … and while singing “gonna have you naked by the end of this song,” he reached over and ripped part of Janet Jackson’s bustier away to reveal her right breast.

America was stunned. I remember standing in my living room and thinking, “What did I just see?” That’s what happened at Superbowl parties all across the country. What did we just see?

There was a congressional investigation into what we saw, why we saw it … and how to keep it from happening again. Congress reached a bi-partisan agreement (back when that was still possible), and promptly raised the indecency fines that could be levied by the FCC from $32,500 per incident to $325,000 per incident.

Eventually, CBS (who could have been fined for every single television station that aired the offensive 9/16 of a second) settled and paid $550,000.

The NFL banned MTV from producing future halftime shows. After this cultural, uh, low point, here are the featured performers since:

2005 – Paul McCartney

2006 – The Rolling Stones

2007 – Prince

2008 – Tom Petty & The Heartbrakers

2009 – Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

2010 – The Who

2011 – The Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Slash

2012 – Madonna, Nicki Minaj, MIA, Cee Lo Green

2013 – Beyonce, Destiny’s Child

2014 – Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers

As you can see, it was six years before the NFL allowed a female to be a lead performer at the Superbowl halftime show again. Because, clearly, it was all Janet’s fault.

So, what really happened? Conspiracy theorists love questions like this.

Apparently, Timberlake and Jackson conspired and then agreed to do the bustier rip-a-way without rehearsal. Without telling the producers. Without telling anyone. Maybe it was their intent to rip away the leather and leave some red lace covering Jackson’s skin (which prompted the creation of the term “Wardrobe Malfunction”). Maybe this was just out of control attention-grabbing by Pop stars that went too far on a national stage without supervision. To this day, Timberlake won’t discuss what happened. Jackson won’t comment on it any more, either.

Read the ESPN article below for an exhaustive account, with some revealing pictures.

Just don’t look at them longer than 9/16 of a second.

And enjoy today’s game!

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Being Bad

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