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Windows XP: Get. Out.   Leave a comment

xp-end-of-lifeIf you still run Windows XP on your computers for home or work … you need a new operating system. Now.

Microsoft no longer supports the software … which means there is no longer any development to improve the operating system. That might seem like no big deal when your computer is working just fine … but that will change.

The next time you buy a new printer … the driver may not be compatible.

And last week, a new security breach was found in the operating system. If you use Internet Explorer (like 56% of the world), and you use XP … the right hacker can get into your system. And what is Microsoft doing about it?


If you use XP, you need a new computer. Not only is the hardware aging, Microsoft has already left the software for dead.

I know one thing about your computer: some day it will die. Now, I know something about your XP computer: it is less secure today than it was a week ago. And it will never get better.


Wall Street Journal: New Browser Hole….

┬áre/code: New Vulnerability Hits Internet Explorer, And It’s Serious

Microsoft: Windows XP Support Has Ended

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Upgrades Are Hell   1 comment

Velda had been using a Windows 98 computer – when she sat at her desk. Given that operating system was being orphaned by Microsoft, it was time for an upgrade.

I was having computer problems with the laptop. Consistency is an issue, and since I was getting an alarming number of blue screens … it was time for an upgrade.

The holidays are the perfect time for an upgrade.

I now have Velda’s computer 100% together, I believe. With no back up strategy in place, however … but she’s up, for now. As promised.

My computer, not so much. I have data spread across different hard drives. I have programs that won’t run. I have 4 computers running in my office and I’m trying to put the pieces back in the right places. I do know a few things:

1. I hate Windows 8.

2. It is always challenging to keep backups up to date and 100% reliable.

3. Your computer will die. If you don’t have all data backed up right NOW, then you’ll have a problem when your computer dies. Unexpectedly. Inconveniently. Totally.

4. I could be working with wood … but that is so last week!


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