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Mrs M’s New Booth # 4 (part 2)   Leave a comment

It’s been a long wait for me to complete Mrs M’s 4th booth.

But then, I ought to know that it’s never easy getting to the finish line.

Mrs M was promised these display pieces last year. Foolishly, I got busy making new product that was selling, and didn’t make time have a chance to finish these pieces until someone was beyond frustrated with my prioritization of products that sell over one-off projects that just sit on the table.

Hmmm. Maybe my priorities were off. Ya think?

With these 2 pieces to hold Mrs M’s Lip Balm as well as the spectacle that is ZooSoapia, Mrs M’s booth is now complete with her purpose-built display.

Except for the rolling cart for the testing station.

And except for the rolling cart for the wrap station.

Those shall wait for another day, another season, and a time when I don’t have too many things that must be done looming over my head. Those frustrations, however, are for another time. Today, we celebrate the new stuff!


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At Long Last: Mrs M’s Handmade   Leave a comment

It became a joke.

We would be at an event, and Mrs M would be asked, “Do you have a website?”

The inevitable reply: “Yes, but it’s under construction right now. I may have to fire that webmaster if he doesn’t get it updated.”

I am, of course, the webmaster. And I was standing right there.

And that was the sorry state of Mrs M’s website for nearly 12 months. I have a few excuses, all very reasonable, of course:

  1. The software auto-updated and locked up.
  2. I ran out of gas.
  3. It was a dark and stormy night.
  4. My dog ate it.
  5. I was playing golf with a client.
  6. My allergies flared up.
  7. I had guests from out of town.
  8. My cat had to go to the vet.
  9. The flight got canceled.
  10. It’s a 24-hour thing. I hope.
  11. We had rolling power outages.
  12. I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies, Miss Grace.
  13. I’ve had the most awful time of it. What was your question?

But, GOOD NEWS. I finally got it together, didn’t go into the garage woodshop for a few days, and put together the new & improved Mr’s M’s Handmade website, powered by Shopify. It now has all of Mrs M’s products & current scents featured (which wasn’t possible on the old site: the proximate cause of the original problem).

Please, visit Mrs M’s site. If you happen to find a typo or experience a glitch, please let me know! You can sign up for Mrs M’s rarely-published newsletter, and we’ve even got a discount code for you: “FINALLY”, which is valid through Valentine’s Day. That discount is good for $10 off any order of $30 or more. Just click on the picture below, and enjoy!

Website, image 1




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