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Buying A Car The Right Way   1 comment

As Shakespeare said, “All’s well that ends well!”

So, while we were having an unusually bad car buying experience (see link below), we were also having a very good experience in parallel.

Our bank referred us to Auto Nation Direct. That’s how I met Robbie.

Robbie carefully explained that he would help us find our car. Any make, new or used. We just needed to tell him what we wanted.


Oh, and it was one-quote pricing. He would do the paperwork before we got to the dealership; it would be complete when we walked in. Take a test drive, sign the papers, out the door.


I described the car that Velda wanted … he was back within hours with a used car option. Too quick, really … we weren’t ready to buy, which I told him. But his earnest recommendation propelled us forward.

We clarified what we wanted … he had some other options for us, and we eventually zeroed in on the Honda Accord. He listened and responded like a champ. Robbie made this happen through his excellent communication skills.

His partner at the dealership was Kelley. When we arrived for our test drive, Kelley was prompt. He listened to what Velda wanted, and talked about how the different cars would work for her … or not. He stayed focused on Velda … not me.

Which was a very good thing. After all, we were buying her car. What she needed and wanted from the car should be the primary focus. Kelley understood that.

Is there any surprise we bought a Honda?

Together, they delivered one of the best car buying experiences we’ve had. Why? Because they listened to the customer. They knew who the customer was, and talked to her.

Quality sales skills are not a mystery, really. The mystery is why so few people practice them!

And, yes, I’m happy to get you Robbie’s phone number if you would like to buy a car the right way.


The color is Obsidian Blue. It’s sparkly.


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