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Small Bowls   4 comments

HandcraftedI’ve been in a smaller mood lately.

I’d made several big bowls, big cutting boards … it was time to go small. I made 20 small routed bowls from Hard Maple, Red Oak and Black Walnut. Some very interesting grain patterns here.

The “large” bowls are 6″ diameter. The smallest bowls are 3″ diameter. The oblong pieces are 5″ long x 2-1/2″ wide.

Cutting Sideways = Curves   11 comments

One woodworking show that I enjoy watching is Rough Cut, with Tommy Mac. A recent episode talked about making a cheese board from a piece of 6/4 walnut from the cut off bin … and that episode showed the way for me to do this design.

There’s a technique where you cut sideways across the table saw blade, rather than straight through the blade. The result is a graceful cove cut, which this cheese board has on all 4 edges. Combine that cut with a rounded shape for the board, and you get unique curves going in many directions. Here’s how it’s done:


Three New Cutting Boards   3 comments

From the workshop … I got a nice load of walnut lumber, so I’m playing. Here are 3 new cutting boards. More designs to come!

Cheese Boards: Round 2   1 comment

Each of these boards is approximately 8-1/2″ x 11″ x 7/8″. They have non-slip rubber feet, and a slot hollowed out on each end for your fingers to slip into as you pick up the board.

All boards finished with mineral oil, and then a top coat of mineral oil & locally harvested beeswax.

I think I’ve run through my course of Cheese Boards for a while. I do think there are more cutting boards in my future, however!

(After I do the easel picture frames & mission candle holders that I’ve promised, of course!)


Who Doesn’t Love Cheese & Crackers?

Cutting Boards: The Third Round   4 comments



Cutting Boards: The Next Step

I Had To Mention Cutting Boards

The Cutting Board

Cutting Boards: The Next Set   2 comments


Who Doesn’t Love Cheese & Crackers?

I Had To Mention Cutting Boards

The Cutting Board

Who Doesn’t Love Cheese & Crackers?   12 comments

HandcraftedI’ve heard it for years.

I was working in the garage workshop last weekend, and a neighbor wanted to hire me to redo her kitchen.

I’ve ignored it. Always.

Until now.

Given that Mrs M’s Handmade is about to be an actual business, it seemed that I needed to help out. In a week or three, the website will be up. In a month, we’ll be at the Santa Clarita Street Fair.

So, it was time to get ready.Cheese and Wine

22 Cheese Boards are now ready for sale. All of the boards are approximately 8″ x 10″. All are unique. The most prevalent wood is hard maple, but I’ve also used purpleheart, yellowheart, red oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, teak, padauk, jatoba and honey locust. They are all finished with mineral oil, and then a beeswax/mineral oil topcoat.

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