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Small Bowls   4 comments

HandcraftedI’ve been in a smaller mood lately.

I’d made several big bowls, big cutting boards … it was time to go small. I made 20 small routed bowls from Hard Maple, Red Oak and Black Walnut. Some very interesting grain patterns here.

The “large” bowls are 6″ diameter. The smallest bowls are 3″ diameter. The oblong pieces are 5″ long x 2-1/2″ wide.

A Wooden Collaboration   Leave a comment

There are 2 kinds of woodworkers. I’m the kind that cuts wood with spinning sharp objects like saw blades … and my brother-in-law Steve is the other kind.

He thinks it’s a good idea to spin wood at a very high rate of speed … and hold a sharp object against that wood to make it conform to his desires.

He’s crazy.

So, a perfect collaboration was born. I do my thing, and he does his thing. The pictures below are what resulted.

The spindles (from Steve) are made from walnut; the routed platters (from me) for the 3-tier are red oak. The 4 Sauce routed servers are hard maple (from me), with walnut handles (from Steve).


Turn, Turn, Turn

Done- Round 3: The Bowl Adventure

Round Three: The Bowl Adventure

A Day Of Finishing

Round Two: The Bowl Adventure

Football Snack Bowl

Making A Snowman

Football Snack Bowl   6 comments

This piece is another routed bowl … made with purpleheart and red oak.

It had to be purple, for my favorite Kansas State fans!


Making A Snowman

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