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I’m nearing the end.  I started working on the Hepler family photo scrapbook in March 2011, and it will be finished in the next few weeks.  The book has grown to just over 200 pages of photos, history and genealogy information.  This book is focused on the family of Harry Baptiste Hepler: his 6 children, his 25 grandchildren, and their descendants.

I enjoy putting together the covers of the book.  For this family history (and it’s the 4th that I’ve compiled), I assembled 2 covers.  The first one is focused on the first couple of generations, and the 2nd cover is focused on the younger generations.

In the case of this branch of the family, no one member will know everyone pictured.  Reacting to that fact became one of my goals: to illustrate the breadth of the family immediately.  An essential  third page is a key to the photographs, so that the family can begin to associate names with faces!


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