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Are You Polite?   Leave a comment

According to some, I’m very rude.  Surprised?  Me, Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Eagle Scout, Mr. Yes, Ma’am, Mr. Holding Doors Open … me?  Rude?

Now, it’s true that I sell things for a living.  I’ve sold a lot of things … from signs on roller coasters to accordion lessons.  And as a seller, I’ve made countless cold calls.  I’ve intruded into people’s lives to persuasively present opportunities to them.  I always courteously listen to them.

Not interested?  I understand.  Don’t want me to call you again?  No problem.

A couple of weeks ago, I called a business owner crazy person who went off on me about my daring to call and speak with his staff.  Crazy person.  I forgive him (and he is now on my blacklist).

Today, I called a business manager who apologized for not calling me back after I called him twice, emailed him twice, sent him a letter….  He apologized to ME, and I was truly touched.  He didn’t owe me anything … he did not owe me a call back.  But calling me back would have been polite, no doubt.

Are you polite?

Posted June 28, 2012 by henrymowry in Living Life, Selling

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