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Putting the magic in the bottle openers is the hard part.

As you would expect, yes?

You see, there are 2 kinds of magic: the kind that catches the caps when you open your favorite bottled beverage, and the kind that magically attaches the bottle opener to your attractive refrigerator.

No, the magic doesn’t work if your refrigerator isn’t attractive. Sorry; it’s really not about my judgement of kitchen appliance beauty. It’s the magic.

Putting the magic into the bottle opener requires multiple steps. It requires social distancing between the bottle openers. Chemicals are involved. It requires time.

All MBOs are about 5″ x 11″ and are easily wall-mountable. MBOs with extra magic can also mount on your fridge … if it’s attractive. Them’s the rules!

With this group of MBOs now finished, I have over 100 of them in inventory. That’s something I’ve never accomplished before. Now … time to move on to the next batch which will be a really pot pourri. Already picked & processed in the shop are a batch of large handled boards, cutting boards, cribbage boards, signs, custom orders, serving pieces….

If you would like to purchase a Magic Bottle Opener, a complete description is on the newly reformatted Act quickly: time is running out! Just for the next 3 days, you can get 2 promotional offers:

  1. Free shipping for any order over $50
  2. 20% off all purchases with the promo code “MrMsLaunch”.

If there is a specific MBO or two that you’re interested in, hover over or click on the photo to reveal the name of that particular piece. Wall mount MBOs are in the format of 20 – 1xx, and Fridge mount MBOS are 20 – 2xx. Put the numbers of your favorite(s) in the notes section of your order form, and I’ll make sure that I pull the one that has the magic just for you. Here’s the link to go directly to the MBO page on


Magic Bottle Openers Are Back!

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