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Since I’ve finally broken through and started making cribbage boards, I’m getting obsessed. Variations abound, and I’m only scratching the surface.

Last weekend, I sold more cribbage boards than cutting boards. That’s a sobering thought … especially since so many people comment that this is a game for old folks that so few play anymore.

But then, people also tell me that no one uses wooden cutting boards, either.

I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, and people get to choose. That seems to be working out so far!

All cribbage boards are finished with lacquer. They are not cutting boards (yes, I’ve been asked), and they are not food ready. They do, however, come with the cards and pegs for playing, held in the convenient storage slots under the top. All of these sets are customizable: any 4-track set top can go with any 4-track set bottom (the 4-tracks are the round ones, about 14″ in diameter). The oval sets are 3-tracks, and are 10″ x 14″.


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8 responses to “This Cribbage Thing Is Catching On

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  1. They are really beautiful and a great work of art! Truly a conversation piece!

  2. great work. I see this is as the next step in your business niche. Hard to find well crafted cribbage boards.

    • Thanks, Mike! These definitely got noticed at the event. I was surprised that when people saw the carved tops, they wanted to buy them alone. I guess I’m the source for a 11″ round CNC carved horse, or turtle, or….

      • That CNC will change your business. So many possibilities. You can even make other game boards like Chinese Checkers. Great decision to buy it.

        • Absolutely. I don’t know about Chinese Checkers … but I had a passionate Junior High teacher at the event this weekend that was pitching me on doing a Go board. She plays it with her students. I’m a sucker for helping a teacher!

  3. You may be on to something. How cool!

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