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I’ve got this problem.

I have a perfect gift idea for the beer drinker in your life: Magic Bottle Openers. People gasp when they see the demo. It’s a Perfect. Gift.

But for the wine drinker … I got nothin’.

Well, I did have nothing. Then I tried Wine Bottle Holders, which I introduced last year. They looked like this:

Wine Bottle Holder 17 – 02. Bloodwood, Hard Maple & Jatoba.

And, basically, nobody cared. I made a few, and one guy LOVED them, but most people thought they were doorstops.

I don’t make doorstops.

So, back to the drawing board. I got a CNC to play with, and I am pleased to introduce my latest idea to serve the wine drinking crowd: Wine Bottle Coasters!

These are carved in 3 dimensions on the CNC. Cherry wood, with a urethane finish (so no staining, even if there’s a spill). Please enjoy!

Wine Bottle Coaster 18 – 501. Cherry. Urethane finish. 9″ diameter.

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