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When I introduce a new product, I usually make one or two. Prototypes, if you will, just to prove that I can make them, and then to see if anyone cares.

Trivets were such a thing. I started with just a few, and most were made from a single species. As those sold, I another batch, but most of them, again, were made from a single species.

Each time, I made just 2 that were made with wood combinations, and those sold first both times.

This time, I went crazy with wood combinations.  I even made some chaos trivets, with no symmetrical pattern.

It appears that people like my trivets. They are unusual, and since I know that people like it when I combine different woods, I got just a bit, uh, inspired this time.

These trivets are 8-1/2″ square, and about 3/4″ thick. They’re treated with mineral oil to help protect the wood, and they are ready to protect your table and your counter from the hot stuff you are cooking.


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  1. Very interesting! I’ve been making triangle shaped trivets out of the 3/4” scraps I have from my other projects. I’ve found most people don’t really understand what a trivet is till I mention a hot pad. They have not been great sellers for us yet but I plan to build up some new designs for next years holiday bazaar season.

    • There’s definitely some confusion … one person asked if these could be used to hold crackers. Uh … no. Cracker holders are a project for next year, though!

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