“I Start With Lumber.”   4 comments

The garage woodshop has been pretty crazy for the last few weeks.

  • Inventory is down – critically down – and our fall events begin NEXT WEEK.
  • Panic has set in.
  • The new tool is on order, and shop space has to be cleared for it. Unfortunately the shop is bursting at the seams right now with lumber. That’s a good thing … but it’s gotta go. I need to make stuff from the lumber, so I have space for the new tool.
  • Which is on order.
  • Tic. Tic. Tic.

Here are a few boards which made it to the finish line this week. There are oh so many more coming … and some new surprises, too! … but first things first.

Nine boards, humbly submitted for your consideration.

4 responses to ““I Start With Lumber.”

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  1. Love the new designs, especially those criss-cross pieces! Wow!

    • End grain boards are the king of cutting boards. They’re the classic butcher block … better quality boards because the ends are harder than the edges of the boards. And, IMHO, they are prettier, too!

  2. Love, love, love that black walnut one – gorgeous!!

    • And I discovered another large Black Walnut plank in the wood stack … so I hope this one sells quick. You never know what a board will look like until you cut it apart to reveal what’s inside. I take what the wood will give me.

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