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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeBig end grain cutting boards are the best cutting boards you can get. When made with the hardwoods that I use, they will last for decades with proper care.

And they’ll look good doing it.

End grain boards do not show knife marks as much as edge grain boards. The marks you do make are “between the grain,” as you’re cutting into the ends of the boards. Then, when you oil these boards, many of the marks will self-heal, leaving you with a beautiful board.

I’ve found that few people make heirloom-quality end grain cutting boards in Southern California – even the woodworkers I know that make cutting boards don’t make these big boards. I do understand: they aren’t made quickly. These boards were started in early May, and it took me several weeks to do the glue-up, smoothing, 2nd glue up, 2nd smoothing, sanding … these boards take time.

With 7 of these boards now added to my inventory (the 8th ships out for Indiana next week), I am now officially at 150 boards available. Remember how I was up to 160 before the last event, and then added more? It’s a good problem to have, but I really want to see 250 someday!

Finally, I’m again frustrated with the quality of these photos. Most of these boards are very dark, and my lighting just didn’t do them justice … especially after I knocked one of my photo lights over and broke the bulb. I needed The Intern back so I don’t make stupid mistakes. Alas, she’s gone for the summer. I’ll have to wait for September for her help again!

Most of these boards will be with me at a rare solo event today: the 5th Annual West End Art Walk in Chatsworth, 11am – 6pm. Drop by if you’re out and about to take a look at these beauties in the sunlight.

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