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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeBack to the basics.

When I started going to these craft fairs with the Mrs M’s, I had a bunch of cheese boards … and a very few cutting boards.

Here we are in our 3rd year, and I’ve got a lot more cutting boards on display as well as smaller, midsize boards. I’ve got much bigger boards. And I’ve still got cheese boards, which have always been consistent sellers.

That’s a good thing. The world has a lot of cheese. Someone’s got to eat it, and they might as well use a pretty cheese board when they do.

In a craft fair booth, items placed at the front corner of the booth tend to get the most attention. I always have a cheese board on that front corner … right beside my business card holder.

Here’s the latest collection of cheese boards, small boards, and even a single cutting board that made it out of the shop for the end of the Spring Fling last weekend.


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  1. Absolutely love the shading on the hard maple – cherry – walnut one – beautiful!!!

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